Heather Burke and  Kayla Goelz have been living and breathing horses their entire lives, and started training at a very young age. They have studied under many greats, including Mark Rashid, Peggy Cummings, Ray Hunt, and many more, and Mark Rashid has both Heather and Kayla as two of his assistant instructors. They are two of only eight in the world. (please visit www.markrashid.com for more information on Mark) Their Mom (Deb Goelz) has been a big influence by always making sure that opportunities for them to learn were available. Whether starting a young horse under saddle, tuning up an older horse, or problem solving, making a connection with the horse is their main goal. Each horse has different needs, and different ways of learning, much like humans. Heather and Kayla will find a way to teach your horse in a way that they understand, and can be successful.  Every horse is talented, no matter the breed or build. They both will work with the horses natural ability to take them where you want them to go. Once your horse is far enough in training, they will work with you and your horse together, helping you to become a connected team. Contact Either of them for more information and prices. Also offering lessons, and will travel to your barn! Heather, (414)587-1647 paishaleo@wi.rr.com​ 
Kayla, (262)689-0176 humblehorsemanship@gmail.com
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